Biliardi classici: Caravaggio
Biliardi classici: Caravaggio
Biliardo classico Caravaggio di Rogai Biliardi Firenze.
Biliardo classico Caravaggio di Rogai Biliardi Firenze.
Biliardo classico Caravaggio di Rogai Biliardi Firenze.

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Manufactured in all sizes with an Italian slate playing surface.
Upon request, tables can be built with rails and pockets for: pool - Russian pyramid - snooker - Italian Billiards.
Also built as multi-purpose billiards tables (right balance for all types of games) or international carom Billiards tables (without pockets)
Finished as requested or from a sample
Brass molded by investment casting or sand casting
Fabric in a color of your choice
Maximum attention to detail
Made with only top-quality, carefully selected, eco-friendly raw materials. The wood, for example, which must be traditional and must not come from protected forests.
Planing, carvings and inlays, waxing and staining right up to the rubber, varnishing and fabric lining: all these artistic features are exclusively carried out by hand, as is required by the material and preciated by the eye.
Whether it's wood, leather or brass... it is "handmade", because this is the true definition of craftsmanship.
- Please request information on the unlimited options regarding construction and finish.

  Misura campo Gioco / Play Surface Misura totale / Table size
Size for tournament play Cm Ft Cm Ft
224x112 7,5 255x140 8
254x127 8,3/100 inc 285x155 9
260x130 8,5 290x160 9,5
270x135 8,8 300x165 9,8
280x140 9 310x170 10
Multigame 300x150 9,8 330x180 10,8
330x165 10,8 360x195 11,8
Russian Pyramid
356x178 12 390x205 12,8
284x142 9 315x170 10


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