Qualsiasi tua esigenza Rogai la esaudisce.

Rogai Biliardi issues a certificate of approval from the Italian Federation of Billiard Sports and the Italian National Olympic Committee for all types of professional technical services and the level of craftsmanship allows for any work to be performed on Billiard tables from any period, with any finish and any type of national and international game. Installation - Removing billiards revisions Billiards National and international transport Relocation service Billiards Replacing tires shores Adjustments plans Billiards game modifications, repairs, painting, lacquering and modernization Billiards years of storage.

  • Restoration of period billiard tables
  • Assembly and disassembly of billiard tables
  • Reworking of billiard tables
  • National and international transportation
  • Billiard table relocation service
  • Rubber rail replacement
  • Correction of billiard playing surfaces
  • Modifications, repairs, painting, varnishing and modernization of billiard tables
  • Storage
  • Billiard table valuation
  • Consignment of billiard tables
  • Complete planning and furnishing of billiard rooms
  • Furnishing of private and public settings
Restoration and maintenance services

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