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Billiards from Italian, International, pool, snooker, carom French and Russian pyramid have a size of the playing field and the characteristics of well-defined regulations, each model is produced in all disciplines of the game. Conversely, if you want a multi-purpose pool shall have no obligation of technical measures but the six holes of intermediate size or pool or on specific request, the intermediary banks and the pitch of the measure that best suit the room all the technical requirements of the game will always be guaranteed the highest level Rogai Billiards. The space will your pool is proportional to the dimensions of the playing field that are different depending on the type of pool and not to be confused with the external (the total footprint size), after we have established the size of the playing field we have to add 145 cm to each side of the pool (eg pool Pool 254 x 127 cm will need an area of 544 x 417 xm). In our favor if we have a room not overly large we have the fact that each object of furnishing below a height of 85 cm (for example a sofa) may also be at a distance of 70/80 cm from the game field of the billiards, and also we can reduce the space needed if we use a shorter cue shots in sottosponda. These are the standard measures for billiards and regulations for the billiards table Whereas, however, all billiards table can become.


Billiard table and billiards reduced

180 x 90 cm
190 x 95 cm
200 x 100 cm
210 x 105 cm
220 x 110 cm
230 x 115 cm
240 x 120 cm

Billiards Pool (regulatory)

254 x 127 cm


Italian Billiards, Snooker, Russian pyramid

260 x 130 cm
270 x 135 cm
280 x 140 cm


International Billiards (without holes regulatory)

284 x 142 cm


Playing field for Billiards Snooker and Russian pyramid

300 x 150 cm
310 x 155 cm
320 x 160 cm
330 x 165 cm
340 x 170 cm
350 x 175 cm
360 x 180 cm (regulatory Russian pyramid)

The Room

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